Kids’ Themed Restaurants, Adults’ Experience!

How do you imagine your kids’ birthday party next year? Or don’t you not want to? But you do have to, lol! Well, and also get excited in the process. What can we say, they are lucky they’re cute, aren’t they?

We don’t even want to check on your weekend plan, as we know all too well, the embarrassment of child tantrum taunting you in a public place! It’s not all bad you know, taking kids out can be a moment to relive your childhood days. Go to a place where it is understood and appreciated, a hangout where kids and parents enjoy alike!

What better than the various themed restaurant where children enjoy the show while you meet up with other parents, who know where you are coming from.

Cut the overwhelming part of arranging everything from the snack menu to the color of balloons according to the theme. Not just that, but the nightmarish screams at the salads bar and food that taste like mud stuffed up your nose, at hindsight, it is hilarious though!!

Here are some life hacks, tried and tested restaurants, that take the pain out of most of the scenes above with amazing food for adults too! What more can you wish for, when the genie is right with you!

*I am feeling lucky.

Top theme-restaurants for kids in Chennai

Rainforest, Adyar – One of oldest rainforest themed restaurants, pretty known for its great menu too, Rainforest Cafe in Adyar, is one of the best places to take your kid and gang to. Are you into robotic gorillas, loads of cheese and the case of flying nuggets? Oh you sure are!

There is a reason why this restaurant in Chennai has been here for years and has a huge fan following, so much that getting a reservation here is still pretty difficult. The legendary “rainforest” provides everything you come expecting and surprisingly more!

Experience the scary thunderstorms played every half hour or so? What?? Really, it helps you bond with the kid! There is a huge tree that branches to every table. There is a creepy maggot and an enormous aquarium of sorts. Let the events help bring your inner child out so you enjoy the drizzling mist, monkey beating its chest, enjoy the dinosaur-nuggets, by this time you will be thrilled by the happenings already. Budget-wise it is pretty friendly considering that it does provide entertainment, albeit any elegance you obviously didn’t come looking for.

Contact – 098409 99555

Kaidi’s Kitchen, Mylapore – Guess why the kids and adults love this place alike? As the irony has it, you can imprison the other person and karma, as they say, lets you watch them locked up! What joy eh!

Kaidi’s Kitchen, Mylapore

The managers are dressed as jailors and the waiters as prisoners (Kaidi in Tamil) the food is pretty interesting, and the cost is worth the very different experience. Albeit the sober looking setup, we (and the children) end up having a lot of fun with street food parties and their most favorite continental food in the name of pasta! There is always some birthday or special events/ activities conducted for kids in here.

Contact: 044 4206 4442

Robot, OMR, Semmencherry – What child doesn’t love robots? Welcome to India’s first robot theme-based restaurant that has around four robots waiters who do their job so cool that kids are mesmerized to even eat more. For us, it’s totally worth taking pictures of, as its one of a kind experience to be served by the man-made slaves (finally) the robots! There is even a selfie booth where you can take selfies with the robots!

Robot, OMR, Semmencherry

So, no prizes for guessing why kids love this restaurant in Chennai! As you might be imagining already, these are not like our traditional Mickey mouse maggot types wearing robot outfits and humouring the kids. The robots are programmed in-built with hi-tech sensors, to do they work meticulously. The human waiters are there with them to help, just in case required. Now the only question left to ask is, when are you changing your WhatsApp DP?

Contact: 9842883223

Feel free to ask any questions, introduce us to newer places to explore, any feedback we have missed to capture, any requests for the next review, showcase your F&B photos and pretty much anything want in the comment’s sessions below…

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